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Arak Askalon

Arak Askalon

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Title: Arak Askalon


Eastern Mediterranean Tradition: Arak Askalon is a fine example of the Eastern Mediterranean's longstanding tradition of crafting arak, celebrated for its rich and anise-infused character that embodies the essence of this regional spirit.

Crafted with Expertise: Crafted with expertise and a deep understanding of the art of arak production, this spirit showcases the commitment to creating an arak that captures the authentic flavors and aromas of the region.

Anise-Infused Brilliance: With its anise-infused brilliance, Arak Askalon offers a traditional arak experience with a bold anise flavor, making it a preferred choice for those who appreciate anise spirits with depth and cultural authenticity.

Sip and Savor: Whether enjoyed as an aperitif or alongside Middle Eastern cuisine, Arak Askalon is a spirit that invites you to sip and savor the time-honored flavors of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Experience Eastern Mediterranean Heritage: Raise your glass to the heritage and authenticity of Eastern Mediterranean arak with every sip of Arak Askalon, where the spirit of the region's tradition and the art of arak-making come together in every glass.

Bottle Size: 750 ML | 80 Proof | 40% ABV

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