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Bacardi Mango Chile Rum

Bacardi Mango Chile Rum

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Title: Bacardi Mango Chile Rum


Mango Heatwave: Bacardi Mango Chile Rum is a tropical heatwave captured in a bottle, celebrated for its exotic and spicy character that combines the essence of ripe mango and a kick of chile-infused rum.

Crafted with Exotic Flavors: Crafted with exotic flair and a flair for spiciness, this rum showcases the commitment to producing a flavored rum that adds a bold twist to your cocktails with the perfect balance of sweet and heat.

Sweet and Spicy Adventure: With its sweet and spicy adventure profile, Bacardi Mango Chile Rum offers a tantalizing rum experience with the fusion of mango, chile, and a touch of tropical allure, making it the preferred choice for those who crave a rum with a bold and adventurous spirit.

Sip and Savor: Whether enjoyed in creative cocktails, mixed with fruit juices, or as a way to bring a tropical kick to your favorite drinks, Bacardi Mango Chile Rum is a versatile and thrilling companion for those who seek the true taste of an exotic flavor explosion.

Experience Tropical Spice: Raise your glass to the spice of the tropics with every sip of Bacardi Mango Chile Rum, where the spirit of tropical adventure and the art of flavored rum unite in every bottle.

Bottle Size: 750ML | 35% ABV. | 70 Proof

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