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Booker's Noe 2022-04 Pinkie's Batch

Booker's Noe 2022-04 Pinkie's Batch

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Title: Booker's Noe 2022-04 Pinkie's Batch


Bourbon Excellence: Booker's Noe 2022-04 Pinkie's Batch stands as a pinnacle of bourbon excellence, a limited edition release that exemplifies the mastery of small-batch craftsmanship. This expression pays homage to the legendary Booker Noe and continues the tradition of hand-selected, meticulously blended batches.

Pinkie's Influence: Named after Pinkie Atkins, an integral member of the Booker's Bourbon production team, this batch carries the influence of Pinkie's expertise and dedication to the art of bourbon making. Pinkie's Batch is a celebration of the passion and precision involved in curating a truly exceptional bourbon.

Small-Batch Mastery: Each bottle of Pinkie's Batch reflects the hallmark small-batch mastery that defines the Booker's Bourbon Collection. Aged with care and selected for optimal flavor, this bourbon offers a rich and nuanced profile, showcasing the depth and complexity that aficionados cherish.

Flavorful Symphony: Immerse yourself in the flavorful symphony of Pinkie's Batch, where notes of caramel, vanilla, and a touch of spice harmonize on the palate. The high-proof intensity elevates the tasting experience, delivering a robust and memorable journey through the world of bourbon.

Collector's Pride: As part of the esteemed Booker's Bourbon Collection, the 2022-04 Pinkie's Batch is a collector's pride. With a limited number of bottles available, each one represents a unique opportunity to own a piece of bourbon history and appreciate the legacy of Booker Noe.

Raise a Glass to Legacy: Raise your glass to Booker's Noe 2022-04 Pinkie's Batch—a bourbon that not only honors the legacy of Booker Noe but also pays tribute to the craftsmanship of individuals like Pinkie Atkins. Here's to savoring the excellence, complexity, and tradition in every sip. Cheers!

Bottle Size: 750ML | 61.2% ABV. | 122.4 Proof

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