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Bulleit Bourbon Barrel Strength

Bulleit Bourbon Barrel Strength

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Title: Bulleit Bourbon Barrel Strength


Unleashed Power: Bulleit Bourbon Barrel Strength unleashes the untamed power and intensity of the classic Bulleit Bourbon, amplified to its purest form. This uncut and unfiltered expression allows aficionados to experience the robust and undiluted character of this frontier whiskey.

Undeniable Boldness: As you pour, witness the deep amber hue that foreshadows the boldness within. This barrel-strength bourbon embraces its unbridled nature, offering a sensory adventure for those who seek the untamed side of the Bulleit legacy.

Proof of Authenticity: Bottled at its natural strength, the high proof of this expression amplifies the flavors inherent in Bulleit's signature high-rye mashbill. Each sip is a testament to the authenticity and strength that defines the frontier spirit.

Intense Flavor Spectrum: Brace yourself for an intense flavor spectrum that spans the palate. Robust notes of spice, oak, and vanilla take center stage, accompanied by a complexity that evolves with each sip. The higher proof enhances the depth and concentration of the whiskey's inherent characteristics.

Full-Throttle Experience: The full-throttle experience continues through the finish, leaving a lasting impression of warmth and satisfaction. The unapologetic intensity invites enthusiasts to savor the nuances and appreciate the whiskey in its most formidable state.

Bottle Size: 750ML | 58.3% ABV. | 116.6 Proof

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