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Bulleit Frontier 95 Rye Whiskey (1.75L)

Bulleit Frontier 95 Rye Whiskey (1.75L)

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Title: Bulleit Frontier 95 Rye Whiskey (1.75L)


Rugged Elegance: Bulleit Frontier 95 Rye Whiskey, presented in a generous 1.75L bottle, encapsulates the rugged elegance of a classic American rye. This expression stays true to the brand's commitment to quality, offering an authentic taste of the frontier with its distinctive high-rye mashbill.

Spicy Complexity: The hallmark of Bulleit's 95 Rye is its bold and spicy complexity. A higher rye content in the mashbill delivers a robust flavor profile with a peppery kick, creating a whiskey that stands out for its distinctive character and depth of taste.

Amber Symphony: Pouring a glass reveals the enticing amber hues that beckon with promises of a flavorful journey. The whiskey's rich color serves as a prelude to the symphony of tastes that unfold with each sip – a harmonious blend of spice, vanilla, and a hint of fruit.

Versatile Expression: Bulleit Frontier 95 Rye is a versatile expression that can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as the foundation for classic cocktails like the Manhattan. Its bold character ensures that it holds its own in any setting, making it a favorite among enthusiasts and mixologists alike.

Iconic Brand Heritage: As a part of the Bulleit family, this rye whiskey continues the brand's legacy of authenticity and craftsmanship. The 1.75L size makes it an ideal choice for those who appreciate a generous pour and the convenience of a larger bottle.

Toast to Tradition: Whether sipped slowly to savor its intricate layers or shared in good company, Bulleit Frontier 95 Rye Whiskey in the 1.75L format invites you to raise a glass to tradition, heritage, and the enduring spirit of the American frontier. Cheers!

Bottle Size: 1.75L | 45% ABV. | 90 Proof

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