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BY.OTT Cotes De Provence

BY.OTT Cotes De Provence

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Title: BY.OTT Cotes De Provence


Elegance From Provence: BY.OTT Cotes De Provence is a testament to the elegance that flows from the heart of Provence, known for producing some of the world's finest rosé wines. This exquisite offering captures the essence of the region, where the sun-kissed vineyards and Mediterranean climate contribute to the creation of exceptional wines.

Delicate Pink Hue: Pouring a delicate pink hue into the glass, BY.OTT Rosé reflects the mastery of Provencal winemaking. The wine's subtle color foreshadows the delightful symphony of aromas and flavors that await, promising a journey of sensory pleasure.

Aromas of Provence: Inhale the aromas of Provence with each swirl. BY.OTT Rosé unveils fragrant notes of fresh berries, citrus blossoms, and hints of delicate herbs. This aromatic profile is an homage to the diverse terroir and the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into every bottle.

Crisp and Vibrant: Take a sip and experience the crisp and vibrant character that defines this Cotes De Provence rosé. The palate is greeted with a refreshing medley of red currants, peach, and a touch of minerality, creating a harmonious and well-balanced profile.

Versatile Pairing Partner: Whether enjoyed as an aperitif on a sunny afternoon or paired with Mediterranean cuisine, BY.OTT Rosé proves to be a versatile companion. Its versatility extends to seafood, salads, and light summer fare, making it an ideal choice for various culinary occasions.

Chic Simplicity: Embrace the chic simplicity of BY.OTT Cotes De Provence and elevate your rosé experience. This wine embodies the essence of Provencal sophistication, making it a delightful choice for those who appreciate the finesse and style synonymous with the region.

Bottle Size: 750ML | 13% ABV. | Rose Wine

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