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Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum (1.75L)

Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum (1.75L)

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Title: Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum (1.75L)


Legendary Spice Blend: Experience the legendary flavor of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum in a larger-than-life 1.75-liter bottle. Crafted with a secret blend of Caribbean spices, this iconic rum invites you to savor the warmth of rich vanilla, sweet caramel, and exotic spices on an even grander scale.

Versatile Mixology: Elevate your mixology game with the versatility of Captain Morgan's spiced rum. This generous-sized bottle provides ample opportunities to experiment with classic cocktails like the Captain & Cola or create your own innovative concoctions. Unleash your creativity and share the legendary taste with a crowd.

Iconic Companionship: Whether you're hosting a festive gathering, beach party, or enjoying a night out, Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum (1.75L) is the perfect companion for creating unforgettable moments. Let the iconic flavor set the stage for shared adventures and camaraderie.

Smooth and Invigorating: The larger format doesn't compromise on the smooth and invigorating character of Captain Morgan's Original Spiced Rum. Pour a generous glass, and savor the timeless blend that captures the essence of the high seas and the daring spirit of exploration.

Share the Legacy: Join the legacy of Captain Morgan and share the joy of good times with friends. The 1.75-liter bottle is not just a drink; it's a centerpiece that adds flair to any occasion. Raise your glass to the timeless tradition of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum and make every gathering memorable.

Bigger, Bolder Cheers: With this 1.75-liter bottle, every pour becomes a statement of bold flavors and larger-than-life celebrations. Bring the spirit of the Captain to your gatherings and toast to the legendary taste of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum. Cheers to big adventures and even bigger cheers!

Bottle Size: 1.75L | 35% ABV. | 70 Proof

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