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Chambord Liqueur

Chambord Liqueur

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Title: Chambord Liqueur - A Taste of French Luxury


Chambord Liqueur is a refined and decadent French liqueur celebrated for its exquisite taste and luxurious appeal. This liqueur embodies the essence of French craftsmanship and tradition.

Raspberry Elegance: Crafted with the finest blackberries and raspberries, Chambord Liqueur offers a rich and velvety flavor profile, showcasing the premium quality of its ingredients.

Taste Profile: Immerse yourself in the lush notes of ripe berries, honey, and a touch of vanilla. Chambord Liqueur delivers a sumptuous and delightful sipping experience.

Perfect for Cocktails: This versatile liqueur is a staple in classic cocktails like the French Martini and adds a touch of French sophistication to your mixology endeavors.

Embrace French Luxury: Raise your glass to the legacy and artistry of French liqueur-making with Chambord. Whether shared in chic company or savored in a moment of opulence, it captures the essence of indulgence. À votre santé!

Bottle Size: 750ML | 16.5% ABV. | 33 Proof

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