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Clos Du Bois California Merlot

Clos Du Bois California Merlot

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Title: Clos du Bois California Merlot - A Smooth and Approachable Delight


Clos du Bois California Merlot is a delightful and approachable red wine that invites you to savor the charm of California winemaking. Crafted with precision and care, it offers a Merlot experience that captures the easy-drinking, fruit-forward character of the Golden State.

Californian Legacy: This exceptional Merlot is made from carefully selected grapes from California's renowned vineyards, reflecting the winemaking tradition and artistry of this iconic region.

Taste Profile: Immerse yourself in the lush flavors of ripe plums, red berries, and a hint of cocoa, with a silky and smooth finish. Clos du Bois California Merlot delivers a memorable and delightful wine experience.

Perfect Pairing: Whether enjoyed with roasted chicken, pasta dishes, or simply as an everyday wine, Clos du Bois California Merlot complements a variety of cuisines, enhancing your dining pleasure.

Embrace Californian Wine: Raise your glass to the approachability and fruit-forward nature of Californian winemaking with Clos du Bois California Merlot. Whether shared with friends or savored in moments of relaxation, it captures the essence of California's wine culture. Cheers to a smooth and delightful experience!

Bottle Size: 750ML | 13.5% ABV. | Merlot Wine

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