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Cook's California Extra Dry Champagne (1.5L)

Cook's California Extra Dry Champagne (1.5L)

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Title: Cook's California Extra Dry Champagne (1.5L) - Elevate Your Celebration


Cook's California Extra Dry Champagne (1.5L) invites you to elevate your celebration. Crafted with precision and care, it offers a larger-than-life Champagne experience that adds an extra touch of elegance to your special moments.

California Sparkle: This exceptional Extra Dry Champagne is made from grapes sourced from California's renowned vineyards, reflecting the winemaking tradition and artistry of this iconic wine-producing state.

Taste Profile: Immerse yourself in the harmonious flavors of green apple, pear, and a hint of honeyed sweetness, with a refreshing and balanced finish. Cook's California Extra Dry Champagne (1.5L) delivers a memorable and delightful sparkling wine experience.

Perfect Celebration: Whether enjoyed during grand gatherings, milestone events, or shared moments of joy with a larger group, this generous 1.5-liter bottle of Extra Dry Champagne elevates your celebration, enhancing your sparkling wine experience.

Embrace Sparkling Elegance: Raise your oversized glass to the effervescence and sophistication of Cook's California Extra Dry Champagne (1.5L). Whether shared with a large party or savored in moments of grand celebration, it captures the spirit of sparkling wine culture and elevates your special occasions. Cheers to celebrating with extra elegance!

Bottle Size: 1.5L | 11.5% ABV. | Extra Dry Champagne

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