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Cutwater Devil's Share Moonshine

Cutwater Devil's Share Moonshine

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Title: Cutwater Devil's Share Moonshine - Unleash the Rebel Spirit


Cutwater Devil's Share Moonshine invites you to unleash your inner rebel spirit with every sip. Crafted with precision and care, it embodies the essence of true moonshine, delivering a bold and authentic experience that pays homage to the rebellious roots of this spirited drink.

Rebel Spirit: This exceptional moonshine captures the unapologetic essence of the American frontier, where moonshiners defied the law to create their own distinct spirits.

Taste Profile: Immerse yourself in the bold and untamed flavors of Cutwater Devil's Share Moonshine, with notes of corn sweetness, white pepper, and a hint of smokiness, creating a memorable and authentic moonshine experience.

Perfect Sip: Devil's Share Moonshine is perfect for sipping straight, mixing into cocktails, or crafting your own moonshine-inspired concoctions. It adds a touch of rebelliousness and authenticity to any moment.

Embrace the Rebel: Raise your glass to the rebel spirit with Cutwater Devil's Share Moonshine. Whether shared with fellow adventurers or savored in moments of boldness, it captures the spirit of moonshine craftsmanship and the untamed flavors of true moonshine. Cheers to embracing the rebel within!

Bottle Size: 750ml | 98.6 proof | 49.3% ABV.

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