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Dos Artes Reposado Clásico Tequila (Pink Edition) (1L)

Dos Artes Reposado Clásico Tequila (Pink Edition) (1L)

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Title: Dos Artes Reposado Clásico Tequila (Pink Edition) (1L) - A Toast to Vibrancy


Dos Artes Reposado Clásico Tequila (Pink Edition) presents a one-liter bottle that's as bold in flavor as it is in appearance. This special edition Reposado is a tribute to tequila craftsmanship with a vibrant twist.

Artful Aging: Aged in oak barrels to achieve its smooth, nuanced profile, this Reposado tequila blends the pure essence of blue agave with the soft, vanilla notes imparted by the wood, creating a tequila that's both traditional and contemporary.

Palette of Flavors: Pour a glass and enjoy the harmonious blend of sweet agave, oak, and a hint of fruitiness that defines this Reposado. The Pink Edition's unique character is perfect for sipping, leaving a lasting impression with its warm and inviting finish.

Celebratory and Stylish: The striking pink bottle makes the Dos Artes Reposado Clásico Tequila Pink Edition a standout addition to any celebration or tequila collection. It's a conversation piece that pairs the joy of a festive occasion with the elegance of a finely crafted spirit.

Ode to Joyful Sophistication: With each bottle of the Pink Edition, Dos Artes celebrates the joy of tequila making. It's a spirited expression designed to delight the senses and add a touch of playfulness to the Reposado experience. Raise your glass to the artful fusion of tradition and exuberance. Salud!

Bottle Size: 1 Liter | 40% ABV. | 80 Proof

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