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Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Small Batch B519

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Small Batch B519

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Title: Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Small Batch B519 - A High-Octane Flavor Odyssey


Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Small Batch B519 is a formidable and full-flavored bourbon whiskey that showcases the artistry of the Elijah Craig brand. As part of their barrel proof series, this particular batch, indicated by 'B' for the second release of the year and '519' for May 2019, delivers an unfiltered, cask-strength bourbon experience that is both robust and intricate.

Cask Strength Character: Bottled straight from the barrel, the B519 batch is a testament to the Elijah Craig legacy of crafting bold and smooth bourbon. The absence of dilution means that each sip brings you the whiskey's true character, with a high proof that highlights the complex interplay of flavors developed through years of aging in charred oak barrels.

Explosion of Flavors: Upon tasting, Elijah Craig Barrel Proof B519 greets the palate with a burst of caramel and rich toffee, a symphony of dark fruits, and a smoky oak undertone. The high proof contributes to a mouthfeel that is both velvety and vigorous, with a finish that lingers, inviting contemplation and savoring.

Diverse Drinking Experience: While certainly enjoyable in its neat form, the potency of B519 makes it ideal for a splash of water or an ice cube, which can help to mellow the intensity and unveil more delicate notes of vanilla, spice, and nuttiness.

A Connoisseur’s Choice: This small batch release is highly sought after by bourbon aficionados and collectors, revered for its uncompromising quality and depth. Each batch of Elijah Craig Barrel Proof, including B519, is a momentous occasion for those who appreciate whiskey at its most expressive.

Bottle Size: 750ML | 122.2 Proof | 61.1% ABV.

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