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Evan Williams Bourbon Whiskey (1.75L)

Evan Williams Bourbon Whiskey (1.75L)

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Title: Evan Williams Bourbon Whiskey (1.75L) - A Classic Kentucky Favorite


Evan Williams Bourbon Whiskey in the 1.75-liter size is a beloved classic from Kentucky, known for its rich and smooth flavor profile. Crafted with time-honored traditions and expertise, this bourbon embodies the essence of the Bluegrass State's distilling heritage.

Kentucky's Best: Evan Williams Bourbon is a true representation of Kentucky's best bourbon traditions. It's crafted with care and precision, using a blend of corn, rye, and barley, and aged in charred oak barrels to perfection.

Taste Profile: Immerse your palate in the flavors of Evan Williams Bourbon Whiskey. You'll discover notes of caramel, vanilla, toasted oak, and a subtle hint of spice, all harmoniously balanced to create a satisfying and mellow bourbon experience.

Perfect for Every Occasion: Evan Williams Bourbon is a versatile whiskey that can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as the base for classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned and the Whiskey Sour. Its approachable profile makes it a favorite choice for both connoisseurs and those new to bourbon.

Raise a Toast to Tradition: Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply unwinding after a long day, Evan Williams Bourbon Whiskey (1.75L) is the ideal companion. It captures the essence of Kentucky's bourbon-making legacy in every bottle. Cheers to timeless craftsmanship and flavorful moments!

Bottle Size: 1.75L | 43% ABV. | 86 Proof

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