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Evan Williams Eggnog

Evan Williams Eggnog

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Title: Evan Williams Eggnog - A Holiday Classic with a Bourbon Twist


Evan Williams Eggnog brings the warmth and spirit of the holiday season to your glass with a delightful twist of bourbon. Crafted to perfection, this creamy and indulgent eggnog is a beloved classic that adds a touch of Kentucky's finest to your festive celebrations.

Holiday Tradition: Evan Williams Eggnog embodies the timeless holiday tradition of sipping on rich and velvety eggnog during the winter months. It's a comforting and joyful way to embrace the season's spirit.

Taste of Bourbon: This eggnog is made with Evan Williams Bourbon, known for its smooth and mellow character. The bourbon infuses the eggnog with notes of caramel, vanilla, and a subtle warmth that complements the creamy texture.

Perfect for Festive Gatherings: Evan Williams Eggnog is the perfect addition to your holiday gatherings. Whether enjoyed by the fireside or served at festive parties, it adds a touch of holiday cheer to every occasion.

Toast to the Holidays: Raise your glass and toast to the holiday season with Evan Williams Eggnog. Whether sipped on its own or garnished with a sprinkle of nutmeg, it captures the essence of holiday traditions and joyful moments. Cheers to a warm and spirited celebration!

Bottle Size: 750ML | 15% ABV. | 30 Proof 

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