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Franciscan Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

Franciscan Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

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Title: Franciscan Estate Cabernet Sauvignon


Napa Valley Gem: Franciscan Estate Cabernet Sauvignon is a true gem from California's prestigious Napa Valley, celebrated for its rich and robust character.

Nurtured in Napa: Crafted with care in the heart of Napa Valley, this Cabernet Sauvignon reflects the region's exceptional terroir and winemaking heritage.

Flavorful Journey: Embark on a flavorful journey with notes of dark cherry, blackberry, and a hint of oak, creating a memorable and luxurious tasting experience.

Versatile Pairing: Whether it's a hearty steak, grilled vegetables, or aged cheeses, this Cabernet Sauvignon pairs seamlessly with a variety of dishes, enhancing your dining pleasure.

Sip and Savor: Indulge in the excellence of Napa Valley winemaking with Franciscan Estate Cabernet Sauvignon. Whether shared with friends or savored in solitude, it's a toast to the Napa Valley legacy. Cheers!

Bottle Size: 750ML | 14.2% ABV. | Cabernet Sauvignon

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