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Gnarly Head Sauvignon Blanc Monterey

Gnarly Head Sauvignon Blanc Monterey

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Title: Gnarly Head Sauvignon Blanc - Monterey


Monterey's Coastal Elegance: Gnarly Head Sauvignon Blanc from Monterey embodies the coastal elegance of this renowned wine region, delivering a crisp and refreshing expression.

Crisp Citrus Brilliance: Experience the crisp brilliance of Gnarly Head Sauvignon Blanc, where zesty citrus flavors dance on the palate, complemented by lively acidity and a touch of tropical notes.

Balanced and Invigorating: Indulge in the balanced and invigorating profile of this Sauvignon Blanc, showcasing the influence of Monterey's cool climate and ideal grape-growing conditions.

Monterey Terroir Influence: Rooted in the terroir of Monterey, this wine captures the essence of the region's coastal influences, creating a Sauvignon Blanc that reflects the unique character of its vineyards.

Sip Into Monterey Bliss: Sip into the bliss of Gnarly Head Sauvignon Blanc, a Monterey gem that invites you to savor the vibrant flavors and coastal charm of this exceptional Californian white wine.

Bottle Size: 750ML | 13% ABV. | Sauvignon

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