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Hibiki Blossom Harmony

Hibiki Blossom Harmony

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Title: Hibiki Blossom Harmony Japanese Whisky


Ephemeral Beauty in a Bottle: Hibiki Blossom Harmony Japanese Whisky is a celebration of ephemeral beauty captured in a bottle, a delicately crafted expression from the renowned Suntory Distillery that embraces the essence of spring.

Harmony of Fragrance and Flavor: Crafted with a meticulous blend, this whisky harmonizes the fragrance of cherry blossoms with the signature complexity of Hibiki, resulting in a spirit that is as aromatic as it is flavorful.

Floral Elegance Unveiled: Immerse yourself in the floral elegance of Hibiki Blossom Harmony, where subtle notes of cherry blossoms, sweet vanilla, and Mizunara oak dance on the palate, creating a whisky experience that is truly enchanting.

Limited Edition Delight: As a limited edition release, each bottle of Hibiki Blossom Harmony is a rare and collectible delight, inviting enthusiasts to savor the fleeting beauty of spring encapsulated in this exceptional Japanese whisky.

Toast to Transient Beauty: Raise your glass and toast to the transient beauty of the season with Hibiki Blossom Harmony, a whisky that captures the spirit of spring and the artistry of Suntory's commitment to creating unparalleled expressions.

Bottle Size: 700ML | 43% ABV. | 86 Proof

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