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Hiram Walker Orange Curacao (1L)

Hiram Walker Orange Curacao (1L)

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Title: Hiram Walker Orange Curaçao (1L)


Citrus Symphony in a Bottle: Hiram Walker Orange Curaçao is a delightful citrus symphony crafted to perfection, offering a burst of orange flavor in every sip. This 1L bottle ensures an ample supply for your mixology adventures.

Versatile Orange Elegance: With its generous size, this liqueur provides versatile orange elegance, making it a must-have in your home bar for crafting a variety of cocktails that demand a touch of citrus brightness.

Captivating Orange Fusion: Immerse yourself in the captivating fusion of orange flavor, where the zestiness of ripe oranges is artfully blended, creating a liqueur that adds a sunny and refreshing character to your drinks.

Mixology Brilliance: As a mixology essential, Orange Curaçao elevates classic and contemporary cocktails, from the iconic Mai Tai to inventive creations, with its sweet orange notes and a hint of exotic allure.

Craft Culinary Marvels: Beyond the bar, explore the culinary realm by incorporating Hiram Walker Orange Curaçao into desserts, sauces, and glazes, bringing a burst of citrus sophistication to your culinary marvels.

Bottle Size: 1L | 15% ABV. | 30 Proof

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