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Hiram Walker Triple-Sec

Hiram Walker Triple-Sec

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Title: Hiram Walker Triple-Sec


Citrus Elegance Unleashed: Hiram Walker Triple-Sec is a masterful expression of citrus elegance, meticulously crafted to bring the bright and zesty essence of oranges to your cocktails.

Versatile Citrus Infusion: Immerse yourself in the versatile infusion of citrus flavor, where the natural sweetness and tanginess of oranges are harmoniously blended, creating a triple-sec that serves as a foundation for a myriad of cocktails.

Mixology Essential: As a mixology essential, Triple-Sec by Hiram Walker is a staple in classic and contemporary cocktail recipes, enhancing everything from margaritas to cosmopolitans with its vibrant orange notes.

Culinary Enhancement: Beyond the bar, elevate your culinary creations by adding a splash of Triple-Sec to desserts, sauces, or glazes, infusing your dishes with a burst of citrus sophistication.

Bottle Size: 750ML | 30% ABV. | 60 Proof

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