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Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Rye

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Rye

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Title: Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Rye


Rye Elegance from Lynchburg: Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Rye is a distinguished expression crafted in the heart of Lynchburg, showcasing the mastery of Tennessee whiskey-making with a focus on the bold and robust character of rye.

Distinct Rye Spice: Immerse yourself in the distinct rye spice, as this whiskey unfolds with notes of peppery warmth, complemented by subtle hints of caramel, vanilla, and a touch of fruit, creating a unique and engaging flavor profile.

Single Barrel Rarity: Crafted from individual barrels chosen for their exceptional qualities, each bottle represents a singular and rare experience, making this Rye expression a coveted choice for enthusiasts and collectors.

Lynchburg Tradition: Sip and savor the tradition of Lynchburg in every drop, as Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Rye pays homage to the distillery's legacy while introducing a new dimension with the inclusion of rye in its mash bill.

Versatile Rye Enjoyment: Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as a key ingredient in classic cocktails, this Single Barrel Rye invites you to explore the versatile and bold character of Tennessee rye whiskey.

Bottle Size: 750ML | 47% ABV. | 94 Proof

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