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Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey

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Title: Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey


Sweet Harmony from Lynchburg: Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey is a luscious and smooth creation that brings together the signature character of Jack Daniel's whiskey with the rich sweetness of honey, all born in the heart of Lynchburg.

Honey-Kissed Flavor: Immerse yourself in the honey-kissed flavor profile, where the warmth of Tennessee whiskey is complemented by the indulgent sweetness of real honey, creating a uniquely delightful and approachable spirit.

Versatile and Approachable: Crafted for versatility, this honey-infused expression is approachable on its own, on the rocks, or as a sweet addition to a variety of cocktails, making it a popular choice for those seeking a flavorful and easy-going whiskey.

Lynchburg Tradition with a Sweet Twist: Sip and savor the tradition of Lynchburg with a sweet twist, as Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey introduces a new dimension to the distillery's legacy while maintaining the time-honored quality.

Celebrating Sweet Moments: Whether enjoyed in celebration or relaxation, Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey invites you to toast to sweet moments, offering a smooth and satisfying experience for whiskey enthusiasts and those seeking a touch of honeyed warmth.

Bottle Size: 750ML | 35% ABV. | 70 Proof

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