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Mala Vida Reposado

Mala Vida Reposado

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Title: Mala Vida Reposado


Reposado Refinement: Mala Vida Reposado is a testament to the refinement and balance that reposado tequila can achieve.

Smooth and Flavorful: This reposado tequila offers a smooth and flavorful taste experience, with notes of oak, vanilla, and a hint of caramel, creating a harmonious and enjoyable palate.

Quality Agave: Sourced from 100% blue agave, Mala Vida Reposado reflects the dedication to quality and tradition in tequila making, resulting in a tequila with character and depth.

Versatile Sipper: Whether enjoyed neat, in cocktails, or as a sipping tequila, Mala Vida Reposado is a versatile and delightful choice for tequila enthusiasts.

Raise a Glass: Raise a glass of Mala Vida Reposado to celebrate the refinement and balance that this reposado tequila brings to your palate, a true embodiment of tequila tradition.

Bottle Size: 750ML | 40% ABV. | 80 Proof

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