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Martell VS

Martell VS

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Title: Martell VS Cognac


Cognac Craftsmanship: Martell VS Cognac is a fine example of the craftsmanship and tradition that define this renowned Cognac house.

Versatile Classic: This Very Special (VS) Cognac is a classic and versatile choice, suitable for sipping neat, mixing in cocktails, or enjoying on the rocks.

Smooth and Balanced: Martell VS offers a smooth and balanced taste experience, with notes of fruit, vanilla, and a hint of spice, creating a harmonious and enjoyable palate.

French Heritage: Sourced from the historic Cognac region in France, this Cognac reflects the terroir and heritage of the region.

Raise a Glass: Raise a glass of Martell VS Cognac to celebrate the tradition and versatility that this Cognac embodies, a true symbol of French Cognac excellence.

Bottle Size: 750ML | 40% ABV. | 80 Proof

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