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Midori Melon Liqueur

Midori Melon Liqueur

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Title: Midori Melon Liqueur


Melon Liqueur Delight: Midori Melon Liqueur is a delightful and vibrant expression of melon liqueur from Japan.

Japanese Craftsmanship: Crafted in Japan, Midori embodies the meticulous attention to detail and quality associated with Japanese spirits.

Sweet and Fruity: Midori Melon Liqueur offers a sweet and fruity taste experience, with the unmistakable flavor of ripe melons, creating a refreshing and enjoyable palate.

Versatile Mixing: This melon liqueur is a bartender's favorite and can be used to create a wide range of cocktails, from classic Melon Margaritas to creative and colorful concoctions.

Raise a Glass: Raise a glass of Midori Melon Liqueur to celebrate the sweet and fruity delight that this liqueur brings to your palate, a true embodiment of melon liqueur tradition.

Bottle Size: 750ML | 21% ABV. | 42 Proof

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