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Pinnacle County Fair Cotton Vodka

Pinnacle County Fair Cotton Vodka

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Title: Pinnacle County Fair Cotton Vodka


Cotton Candy Dream: Pinnacle County Fair Cotton Vodka takes you on a delightful journey to the county fair with its sweet cotton candy flavor.

Fun and Festive: Crafted with a playful spirit, it's perfect for creating fun and festive cocktails that evoke memories of the fair.

Versatile Mixer: Whether used to craft whimsical cocktails or as a creative addition to your favorite drinks, this vodka brings a taste of the fair to your glass.

Nostalgic Nectar: Sip it for a nostalgic trip down memory lane, where the sweet aroma of cotton candy fills the air.

Raise Your Glass: Raise your glass to the whimsical and sweet taste of Pinnacle County Fair Cotton Vodka, a vodka that brings the joy of the county fair to any gathering.

Bottle Size: 750ML | 35% ABV. | 70 Proof

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