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Plantation 69% Overproof Artisanal Rum

Plantation 69% Overproof Artisanal Rum

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Title: Plantation 69% Overproof Artisanal Rum - A Potent Dance of Caribbean Intensity


Potent Caribbean Spirit: Immerse yourself in the bold intensity of Plantation 69% Overproof Artisanal Rum, a powerful expression capturing the raw essence of Caribbean distillation.

Rich Distillation Heritage: Crafted with a rich heritage of traditional pot still distillation, this overproof rum showcases the expertise that defines Caribbean rum-making.

Versatile Mixology Force: Unleash the potency of Plantation 69% in your mixology adventures. Whether as a backbone in classic cocktails or a daring addition to innovative mixes, this overproof rum adds a robust Caribbean kick.

Fiery Complexity: Sip and experience the fiery complexity of this overproof rum, where rich molasses and tropical notes collide in a daring dance on your palate.

Raise Your Glass to Caribbean Intensity: Raise your glass and toast to the Caribbean intensity found in every drop of Plantation 69% Overproof Artisanal Rum. It's not just a spirit; it's a bold journey into the heart of Caribbean flavors. Cheers!

Bottle Size: 750ML | 69% ABV. | 138 Proof

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