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Proper Twelve Irish Apple Whiskey

Proper Twelve Irish Apple Whiskey

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Title: Proper Twelve Irish Apple Whiskey - A Crisp Twist of Irish Craftsmanship


Crisp Irish Elegance: Experience the crisp elegance of Proper Twelve Irish Apple Whiskey, a delightful fusion of traditional Irish craftsmanship and refreshing apple notes.

Smooth Triple Distillation: Crafted with the precision of triple distillation, this whiskey showcases the smooth character that has become synonymous with the Proper Twelve brand.

Apple Infusion Delight: Infused with the essence of fresh apples, this whiskey introduces a vibrant and refreshing twist to the classic Irish spirit, creating a uniquely satisfying flavor profile.

Versatile Sipper: Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in creative cocktails, Proper Twelve Irish Apple Whiskey is a versatile sipper that brings a touch of Irish charm to any occasion.

Raise Your Glass to Irish Innovation: Raise your glass and toast to the Irish innovation found in every sip of Proper Twelve Irish Apple Whiskey. It's not just a drink; it's a celebration of the spirited blend of tradition and modern flair. Cheers!

Bottle Size: 750ML | 35% ABV. | 70 Proof

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