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Riunite Lambrusco

Riunite Lambrusco

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Title: Riunite Lambrusco - Vibrant Italian Sparkle in Every Sip


Lively Lambrusco Elegance: Immerse yourself in the vibrant sparkle of Riunite Lambrusco, an Italian wine that dances on the palate with the lively elegance of Lambrusco grapes.

Fruity and Refreshing: Crafted with finesse, this wine boasts a fruity and refreshing profile, featuring bright red fruit notes, a touch of sweetness, and a gentle effervescence that defines the Lambrusco varietal's charm.

Emilia-Romagna Terroir Magic: Sip and savor the magic of Emilia-Romagna's terroir, where Riunite nurtures Lambrusco grapes, creating a wine that reflects the region's unique climate and soil, offering a taste of Italian sparkle.

Versatile Sparkler: Whether paired with pizza, charcuterie, or enjoyed on its own, Riunite Lambrusco is a versatile sparkler that enhances any casual occasion with its approachable and well-balanced character.

Raise Your Glass to Lambrusco Joy: Raise your glass and toast to the joy found in every pour of Riunite Lambrusco. It's not just a wine; it's a celebration of Emilia-Romagna's terroir and the effervescent charm of Lambrusco winemaking. Cheers!

Bottle Size: 750ML | 8% ABV. | Red Wine

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