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Señor Artesano Blanco (1L)

Señor Artesano Blanco (1L)

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Tequila Señor Artesano Blanco 1L - a premium tequila that is crafted using traditional methods and 100% blue agave from the Jalisco region of Mexico. This Blanco tequila is the purest expression of the agave plant, as it is not aged in oak barrels, allowing the natural flavors of the agave to shine through.

Tasting Notes 

  • The aroma of Tequila Señor Artesano Blanco is delicate and floral, with notes of tropical fruit, lemon zest, and pineapple.
  • On the palate, it is light and sweet, with a subtle hint of pepper that adds a touch of complexity.
  • The mouthfeel is smooth and velvety, with a long, satisfying finish.

This Blanco tequila is perfect for sipping or using as the base for your favorite cocktails. Its light and fruity profile make it an excellent choice for summertime drinks like margaritas, Palomas, or daiquiris.

Tequila Señor Artesano Blanco is a high-quality tequila that offers a pure and refreshing taste of Mexico's tequila-making tradition. Its delicate floral notes and tropical fruit flavors make it a great choice for anyone looking for a light and refreshing tequila experience.

Bottle Size: 1L | 40% ABV. | 80 Proof

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